Lingobit Localizer

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Translate any Windows program to various languages



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Translating a program's interface can present a serious problem when the context of a certain word is unknown.

It's not hard to find horrific software translations in this world that haven't come close to capturing the meaning of an expression or that haven't been translated completely. These types of situations provoke bewilderment in the user and create a bad image for the program.

Lingobit Localizer presents the tools you need when translating a program, as it breaks down all the elements that make up the program's interface. So, if you need to edit the content of a label or of a text box, all you'll have to do is select it from the list and type in the correct meaning.

Lingobit Localizer's interface displays a preview of the form and its controls in the upper portion of the screen. In the bottom, it displays a list with all the terms and expressions that need to be translated. Couldn't be easier.

90-day trial version.

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